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Photos 2001 to 2003

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2001 to 2003

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May 2001, Tony Sottile & son with a nice 12 lbs. Bluefish

Rob Lucia with an October 2001 Striped Bass

October 2001, Rob Lucia with a nice Bluefish

Les with his 24 1/2 pound Striped Bass at the scene of the crime. Caught this bass on a bunker chunk 6/2/01 at Nassau Beach.

June 2001, Les Francis and grandson David with a 24 1/2 pound Striped Bass

George Kelnhofer with a 2001 Montauk Surf Classic Bass 28 lbs. Heaviest released Striped Bass award!

Jonathan Wagner with this October Cow Bass!

September 2001, George Kelnhofer and son John Patrick displays a fine Striper 22 lbs. Striped Bass, Montauk 9/22/01

October 2001, George Kelnhofer with a decent Striper 28 lbs. Montauk Surf Classic.

June 2002, Rob Lucia with a 26 lbs. Striped Bass

John Citarella in front of his truck with a pair of 15 pound Bluefish, September 2002

October 2002, John Citarella with a 38 lbs. Cow Striped Bass!

October 2002, John Citarella with a 38 lbs. Cow Striped Bass!

George Kelnhofer displays a heafty 31 lbs. Striped Bass

October 2002, George Kelnhofer with another fine 25 lbs. Striped Bass

George Kelnhofer displays a 31 lbs. Striped Bass as well as Billy "The Greek"Legakis holding a 28 lbs. Bass.

October 2002, Billy "The Greek" Legakis with his 28 lbs. Striped Bass

Awards Night 2001

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SSC Awards Night winners (l) to (r) John Wagner, George Kelnhofer, Rob Lucia, John O'Keefe, John Citarella

(l) to (r) Peter Alamilla, John Citarella, Billy "The Greek" Legakis, Tom Cassino

2002 SSC Members Past & Present

2002 Club President Rob Lucia & John Citarella

Brian Reynolds looks on as new member George Kourpas in brought onto the club's roster

SSC Past Members

2002 SSC Member photo

Who is who?

John Citarella & George Kelnhofer

John O'Keefe with his awards

Club President Rob Lucia speaks

SSC Past Members

2002 Green Island Clean up

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Thank you to the "first lady" of SSC, Maritza Lucia, for taking the time to create the sign for our event and for taking many of the pictures that grace this page!  
SSC provided enough coffee, tea, cake, & donuts for an army. After breakfast, and applying a little bug repellent, we got down to business...

SSC Green Island sign up sheet

"Meet and Greet" courtesy of Les Francis

A beautiful beach, except for the garbage...(that's why were here).

Jim Callahan on the rocks! Jim had a tough time, monofilament repeatedly pulled items out of his grasp, making progress slow.

Les cleans up.

President Rob Lucia talks to an angler. Notice how relaxed Rob is and how clean his gloves are?. Hmm...

Did anyone have the urge to give this guy a little push?

Tom Cassino takes it away.

Dan McMahon hanging out with the trash.

John Wagner (l) hard at work, & Rob Lucia well, lets face it, he's posing for the camera!

Peter Alamilla, Tom Cassino & ? work east of the bridge

Clean up in progress under the 3rd Wantagh Bridge

Tom Cassino, John Wagner, Rob Lucia & Dan McMahon

Here is the result of our hard work! And a crew from the Dept. of Parks

Ron Winters of Seaford won the tackle bag

Tim Croan won the surf rod

(l) to (r) Tom Cassino, Phil Marturano, George Kourpas, Rob Lucia , Jim Callahan, Les Francis, Peter Alamilla, John Wagner . Jr., Dan McMahon

One other thing. Maybe next time we won't be subject to our President's John Travolta impression.

It's Your Beach Too, Keep it Clean!

2003 Green Island Clean up

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Saturday April 12, 2003: It was a raw overcast day but the volunteers came out to clean up the area around Green Island for a second year in a row!

2003 Fishing Photos

New member Steve Knapik with a 7 pound weakfish this past spring on bucktails

New member Jim Coucoulas with a Springtime Striper

New member Jim Coucoulas fishing those back bays in the late Spring

Nice back bay Striper 16 lbs. nailed on a green bucktail by Steve Knapik (tagged & released)

John Citarella with a 25 lbs. Striped Bass, November 2003

George Kelnhofer with his last decent bass of the 2003 season

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